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Executive Beverage is a family-owned, wine sales organization that represents a portfolio of both Old and New World wines that are endlessly approachable and provide outstanding value. These wines are purposefully developed using our Market-to-Winery model and then sourced from small to mid-sized winemakers that pride themselves on both traditional and emerging styles.
With a sense of discovery, a desire for drinkability, and a friend or two to share the experience, we invite you to join the Executive Bev family as we celebrate the centuries of knowledge and craft that are presented by our global network of winemakers and ever-growing portfolio.

Market-to-Winery Model

Executive Beverage offers a diverse portfolio of wine brands and varietals that are specifically developed using our Market-to-Winery model. What this means is that we work backwards –  closely with buyers – to identify gaps in their most valuable markets. Once those gaps are identified, we then develop concepts, brands, and individual products that are sourced from our global network of family-owned winemakers.

This five-step process is designed to uncover market opportunities that provide continuous value for both distributors and retailers by leveraging collective market intelligence to service emerging, consumer trends. 

Step 1: Collaborate

We collaborate with buyers, sales, marketing, and analytics teams to identify gaps in the market that can be successfully filled with innovative, new product offerings.

Step 2: Develop

We develop product concepts that are designed to fill the gaps that have been identified and then test the products to confirm the appropriate product-market fit.

Step 3: Source

Once product-market fit is confirmed, we source wine from our trusted, family-owned network of winery partners located in the top, wine-growing regions around the world. 

Step 4: Create

As the wine is being selected, the brands and architecture are then created in-house, including the brand name, logos and identity, packaging designs, and point-of-sale materials.

Step 5: Deliver

From the start of brand creation (Step 4) we are able to ship finished product in roughly five months, providing a turn-key solution for filling both micro- and macro-market gaps. 

Our Wines

The majority of these brands were created by our partner organization and brand development agency, Boutique Beverage Company, which specializes in developing unique wines that capitalize on the latest consumer trends. Please see our wines below to explore the latest trends, developments, and product additions.

Our Sales Partners

Executive Bev supplies wines to support off-premise (chain grocery and independent retail) and on-premise (bar and restaurant) markets, and does so through a trusted network of distributors that service 46 states across the United States.
Beyond making available highly salable products that align with current and emerging market trends, we also work with our distributors and wine buyers to develop promotional programs designed to attract consumers and build brand loyalty. Our approach goes far beyond making a single sale. We are focused on creating customers for life.


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