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Pinot Grigio delle Venezie – DOC





Contempo is defined as showing the latest style and from its inception, was created to appeal to the wandering palate of a youthful wine consumer. True to its legacy, the new Contempo varietals again shift to accommodate brilliant new offerings from Italy and Chile-with the packaging taking on a bold, new color palette to uniquely parallel the exceptional drinking experience.

Origin/Appellation Italy / Pinot Grigio delle Venezie – DOC
Varietals Single Varietal White Wine
Alcohol 12%
Acidity 6.3 g/L
Residual Sugar 3.5%
Wine Story
Contempo Pinot Grigio wine is crafted from grapes grown in the northern part of Italy. The delle Venezie region has perfect weather conditions, the right altitude, and the ideal day/night temperature balance for growing grapes. These conditions also provide the wine with the balance between freshness and acidity and pleasant fruity aromas.
Tasting Notes
With a straw-yellow color, this Pinot Grigio has a clean intense aroma and a bone-dry taste. Green fruits hit the palate nicely. This wine is pleasant and persistent.
Enjoy with seafood, salads, pasta dishes, shellfish, white meats, boiled or grilled fish. Perfect as an aperitif.
Key Features
Family Owned Winery Certified Vegan

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