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IGT Trevenezie





Contempo is defined as showing the latest style and from its inception, was created to appeal to the wandering palate of a youthful wine consumer. True to its legacy, the new Contempo varietals again shift to accommodate brilliant new offerings from Italy and Chile-with the packaging taking on a bold, new color palette to uniquely parallel the exceptional drinking experience.

Type Semi – Sparkling White Wine
Origin/Appellation Italy / IGT Trevenezie
Varietals 100% Moscato
Alcohol 8%
Acidity 6.2 g/L
Residual Sugar 7%
Wine Story
The Winery is situated 80 km from Venice and around 130 km from the Dolomites. Here vine-growing has extremely ancient origins, but the first written document linking Prosecco to this area dates back to 1772. Its position between the sea and the Prealps ensures a mild climate, with an average temperature during the year of 12.3°C and constant breezes, which allow the grapes to dry quickly after it has rained.
Tasting Notes
This semi-sparkling delight has a refined and fine perlage. There are fragrant aromatic hints of white acacia flowers and yellow pulp fruit. In the mouth, the aromatic scents from the nose mix with a sweetness that is always well-balanced by fresh acidity.
Enjoy with delicate blue cheeses, but also with fruit tarts and biscuits.
Key Features
Family Owned Winery 136 VEG 012-Certified Vegan


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