Contempo Chardonnay




Cachapoal Valley (Peumo Area)


Viña La Rosa



Contempo is defined as showing the latest style and from its inception, was created to appeal to the wandering palate of a youthful wine consumer. True to its legacy, the new Contempo varietals again shift to accommodate brilliant new offerings from Italy and Chile-with the packaging taking on a bold, new color palette to uniquely parallel the exceptional drinking experience.

Type Single Varietal White Wine
Origin/Appellation Chile / Cachapoal Valley (Peumo Area)
Varietals 100% Chardonnay
Alcohol 12%
Acidity 6 g/L
Residual Sugar 1.55%
Wine Story
These specially selected grapes are machine harvested at night, while still cold, to preserve fresh fruit flavors. After the crush, the grapes are macerated at 8-10°C for 4-6 hours to enhance varietal aromas. The must is clarified by natural sedimentation at 10-12°C. After this, the must is pumped to a fermentation tank and a selection of yeast is added, keeping the temperature-controlled at 14-18°C for about 21 days.
Tasting Notes
Easy-drinking with pear, pineapple and apricot on the nose, a crisp palate with bright citrus but a hint of cream, leading to a refreshing finish.
Enjoy with grilled fish or scallops, garlic-dressed steamed shellfish, lightly-sauced pastas, cream-based soups, or your favorite cheese platter.
Key Features
Estate Grown in Cachapoal Valley Chile. Family-owned winery for over 60 years. Vegan-Friendly. Certified Sustainable Winery.

TastingsSilver Medal, Highly Recommended, Best Buy



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