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Bordeaux Clairet


Maison A. de Luze



Maison Riche celebrates the rich, storied tradition of French winemaking by exploring both classic and innovative wines from some of France’s most interesting terroirs. Featuring flavor profiles hand-selected for today’s consumer, these wines provide the highest possible value, access, and drinkability, while remaining focused on Old World sensibilities.

Type Dry Rosé
Origin/Appellation France / Bordeaux Clairet
Varietals 100% Merlot
Alcohol 12.5%
Acidity 4.8 g/L
Residual Sugar 0.02%
Wine Story
2022 Maison Riche Bordeaux Clairet Dry Rosé, also know as a “Super Rosé,” utilizes 100% Merlot grapes and expanded skin contact prior to fermentation to produce its brilliant red color. A favorite of British aristocracy prior to the liberation of France in 1453, this storied wine has been an under-the-radar favorite for centuries, yet is practically non-existent in the American market. Skin contact before fermentation gives this wine its brilliant, appetizing color: peony pink with carmine highlights.
Tasting Notes
This “super” rosé has fresh raspberry and cherry on the nose, with more red berries on a surprisingly round palate, and a soft but refreshing finish.
Enjoy with cheesy risottos, light-sauced pasta dishes, grilled beef or turkey burgers, or as a refreshing stand-alone in place of a light red.
Key Features

TastingsSilver Medal, Highly Recommended 



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